Monday, August 18, 2008

Racist drivel

This article is extremely racist, and clearly written by a disgruntled Hillary supporter. I especially hate this section:

3. Most successful black candidates have undergone a "hazing"--military service, an impoverished upbringing, etc.--which makes them acceptable to whites. Tolerating Hillary could be that hazing.

That's right. Black candidates need to be "hazed" to get elected - why don't we just send him out to the field and let Massa whip him for a while? This is terrible and I don't know how it gets published in something like the HuffPo.


I agree with everything Andrew Sullivan says. He says reporters need to ask these questions of McCain:
Why did you not mention this transcendent story in 1973? Why, in discussing three Christmases in captivity in Vietnam, was this story - far more powerful than any of the other anecdotes - omitted? How was it possible for the gun guard of May 1969 to be present at Christmas that year when McCain had been transferred to another camp? Is it possible that McCain's memory has faded with time and that he has simply fused his own memories with other stories - as Clinton did with Bosnia sniper fire and as Kerry did in remembering another Christmas he could not have actually witnessed where he said he did?
To me, the most damning thing is that he wrote a book chapter on his Christmas experiences and neglected to mention this cross story. I mean, that's really just unthinkable.

Great picture

This picture is probably not something the DNC wants published all over:

Most obvious article ever

From the Politico, an article entitled: "Obama likely to announce VP this week." Really?? Considering the Convention is next week when else would he announce it? Thankfully the article elaborates:
Barack Obama is expected to choose his running mate this week in a key decision about the direction and narrative of his bid for the White House.

A person familiar with the campaign's planning noted that Obama's schedule at the end of this week is open, but said the announcement could come "as late as the weekend."
That's right. If it doesn't come this week, then it's going to come.... this weekend.