Thursday, August 21, 2008


John McCain's latest response to his forgetting how many houses he owns strikes me of desperation:
Though McCain is widely perceived to to drawn first blood by attacking Obama's character, the official said that the difference between Obama's mocking McCain for his wealth and his shaky answer on the number of homes he owns was that McCain's charge "reflects an existential reality," where Obama's charges "attack Cindy. She owns the homes. I thought he said the wives were off-limits."

Damn you Barack Obama!!

Every time I get a text message, I freak out and think it's you announcing your Vice Presidential pick! Now you are absolutely sure who it is, but won't reveal when you'll announce! Argh! I bet you picked this afternoon, but are enjoying hitting Sen. McCain over the head with his house gaffe! DAMN YOU!

Looking at Obama's Travel Schedule

Maybe there is still some hope for a Vice President Schweitzer...


The Secret Service needs to do a better job of protecting Sen. Obama from random crazy people.

Reid and Lieberman talk

During the phone call, I wish that Harry Reid said something about throwing Lieberman out of our Party, but it appears he kept it civil:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., defended Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman on Wednesday after the former Democratic vice presidential nominee accepted a speaking slot at next month's Republican convention in Minnesota.

"He has a close personal relationship with John McCain. I don't fully understand why he does," said Reid, who said Lieberman called Tuesday from the Republic of Georgia to alert him to the move.

I told him last night, 'You know, Joe, I can't stand John McCain.' He said, 'I know you feel that way,' " Reid said.

But Reid said he would continue to resist calls from the Democratic Party's base to strip Lieberman, now an independent, of his Senate positions for his disloyalty.

Why I dislike Hillary

Mark Halperin writes:
February 9, 2008: Obama wins contests in Louisiana, the Virgin Islands, Nebraska, and Washington state, beginning a month-long winning streak that effectively locks up the nomination.
And she knew it too, but chose to spend another 100 million trying to destroy Sen. Obama. Thanks.

I wish

I had no idea how many houses I owned.