Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ed Rollins on John McCain

Ed Rollins does no favors for John McCain with this comparison:
The result is that the kitchen-sink strategy is McCain's only real option. Or, as Rollins puts it, Obama is like the new car that almost everybody wants. "McCain's challenge is to put a few dents and scratches in it, maybe spill a little coffee on the seats while reminding voters the reliable old jalopy is sitting in the garage," Rollins says.
McCain is your jalopy?

More stupid

For some reason The Field Negro discussing the stupidity of inspired me to visit that website... There I found more stupidity, including this quote from No Quarter:
Two months after Obama has claimed the nomination, far from abating, the clamor for Hillary to be nominated has gotten louder. PUMA has grown, for obvious reasons. One big problem: R.E.S.P.E.C.T. We can’t seem to get any. Never mind sastisfaction. We ain’t getting’ any of that either… If Obama really had respect for Hillary or Bill Clinton and was generous enough to put the interests of someone else besides himself first – you know, like the American people, he would show the respect to her and to her voters and ask for her name to be put into nomination. He would want the stronger candidate to drive us to victory – whoever that may be – and let the chips fall where they may. He would want everyone to be heard, knowing, as Hillary herself has stated, we would have a better chance then to be united as a party and win in November.
I knew it, but I'm glad that they finally admitted that nothing short of Sen. Obama dropping out and conceding the nomination to Sen. Clinton will satisfy them. Damn the voters! It's Hillary or Nothing.

I'm glad to see our President

Is keeping himself busy with current events:
Phelps swam 1.41 seconds faster than his world-record time at the United States Olympic trials in July. His face widened in surprise when he saw his time on the large videoboard. He glanced at the stands, where President Bush was vigorously waving an American flag, and gave him a nod.