Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Charlie Payne!

I loved the Kerry shout out to him! He's my favorite Barack relative. :)


Noam Scheiber:
Don't get me wrong, Barack Obama was going to win the floor vote just now to suspend the rest of the roll call and proclaim him the nominee. (It was positively electric in here when Hillary made the motion.) But surely there were a couple dissenters in the house. Nancy Pelosi pulled the trigger on that gavel before she'd even finished pronouncing the word "nay."
It made me laugh, because she didn't even pause for a second. I love Speaker Pelosi!

Ray Nagin

He also talks up the 311 number.

Ray Nagin is on CNN

He thought Sen. Obama couldn't win. You would think that he would be in NOLA, but he "had to be here." Jackass says he is "cautiously optimistic" that the levees will hold. I'm "cautiously optimistic" that I'll be able to save some of my things.


Ben Smith points out:
There was, Obama advisors point out, no low-key way to do the nomination -- you can't do it in a diner. And the Republican attacks don't depend on the reality. Still, as I wrote today, his advisors have long known, big speeches can cut both ways. That's why, at one point on the campaign, they were banished to the evenings, so that he would appear in the evening news in more intimate settings.
That's why you do it BIG and embrace it. It's going to be powerful, awesome political theater. I'm sure Sen. Obama is going to have lots of flags on the stage. Republicans are just haters.

Del Martin dies

At least she lived long enough to get married.

Bill Clinton

Genuinely loves his wife:
“I never expect to be moved again like I was last night at a convention.”

I was proud of her too.