Thursday, July 31, 2008

Via FirstRead, new from the Obama campaign: I especially like the picture of a busted "Straight Talk Express." This is a very, very clever website.

"When Race became an issue"

Katharine Q. Seelye, of the NYTimes claims:
Whether that works or not, this will mark the day that race officially became an issue in the 2008 general election.
No, race became an issue as soon as Sen. Obama decided to run. The whole crypto-Muslim thing is only an issue because he's black.

Luke Russert

So, he's joining MSNBC. He's only qualification are a prematurely deceased father and a radio show he co-hosted with James Carville for a year. I'm not jealous at all that he gets to talk to Rachel Maddow on a regular basis. Honest.

My day was worse than your's

Here is how my day has gone so far:
  1. I go to work
  2. My sister takes my boyfriend to the airport
  3. My boyfriend calls me to say he has my keys - meaning my sister is locked out of my apartment.
  4. I tell him to wait outside for my sister.
  5. My sister cell phone rings in my apartment
  6. My boyfriend's flight leaves
  7. My boyfriend reschedules his flight
  8. My sister calls my mom using a streetwalker's cell phone
  9. My mom tells my sister that my boyfriend is going to go to my house, refuses to give my sister his number
  10. My mom calls my boyfriend to tell him that Lauren is coming to get him
  11. I call my mom, she yells at me
  12. My sister attempts to break into my 1/2 of the apartment
  13. My sister breaks into my neighbor's 1/2 of the apartment
  14. After an hour, my boyfriend calls - my sister is no where to be found - I tell him to go to the other area of the airport
  15. I go to eat lunch
  16. I call my mom back, realize she's told different things to different people
  17. I call my boyfriend, he threatens to get on the plane with the keys
  18. I tell my boss I'm going to have to leave to go to the airport
  19. My sister arrives at the work cafeteria, explains what she did
  20. I give my sister my cell phone
  21. My sister picks up my boyfriend
  22. I eat a cookie

New Polls!

So, I was little anxious about the new Q-polls coming out this morning in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. And guess what - Barack Obama ahead in all of them is Good News for John McCain! I love Nate's analysis:
This is a weaker performance for Obama than in June, but a better performance for him than in any month but June. Our model weights those two factors, and concludes that the status quo has more or less been preserved. As of last night, our model gave Barack Obama a 68.0 percent chance of winning the election in November. With these polls rolled in, he has a 67.7 percent chance.
Exactly. Note to the AP: 46 is bigger than 44, so they aren't tied, Obama is ahead in those states.