Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm lame too

Like Jonathan Cohn, I have nothing better to do on a Friday night than wait expectantly by my cell phone... (Although I am hanging out with friends, I'm just letting them talk amongst themselves while I sit at my computer...)

I agree

With Marc, the Obama/Bayh bumper stickers look fake.

Something is in the water

This is the third heartwarming story about Sen. Obama that I have read today. It's about Seamus Ahern, the Marine Sen. Obama mentioned in his 2004 Keynote Address. It's so powerful.

This man could be our next President

Read this:
In late January, on his campaign plane as we flew from Kansas after the El Dorado visit, I asked the senator about the wanderlust in his family that he had chosen to reject. ‘Part of me settling in Chicago and marrying Michelle was a conscious decision to root myself,’ he told me. ‘There’s a glamour, there’s a romance to that kind of life and there’s a part of that still in me. But there’s a curse to it as well. You need a frame for the canvas, because too much freedom’s not freedom.’ He laughed and added, ‘I’m waxing too poetic here.’
When was the last time we had a President with that much self-awareness?

Barry Manilow!

Barry Manilow (among others) for Obama!

Seriously, though, what is up with Forrest Whitaker rubbing his head? It almost parodies itself. Also, Margaret Cho is in it!!! I love her!


This picture of the Democratic National Convention podium looks AWESOME! I'm super excited now for it.

Read it

This article about Sen. Obama's upbringing was incredibly moving. It's a must read.


An AP article I agree with, but only because it is appropriately worshiping Michelle Obama

Democratic National Convention

As we approach the Convention, I think back to my time four years ago. I cared almost nothing about politics, and the thoughts I had post-Convention were:

1) Barack Obama is awesome
2) John Kerry is kind of creepy

Although I was solidly anti-Bush, I really didn't pay any attention. I often think back to that in order to give myself strength. There was a time when I didn't know any poll numbers, didn't know any gaffes, and had limited grasp of anyone's positions - that is where most Americans still are, so don't sweat the small stuff.

Chet Edwards

Would be a bizarre pick for Vice President. I like him, but it would be weird. Although, Nancy Pelosi would be happy.

More Brian Schweitzer love

Jay Newton-Small of Time states that Gov. Schweitzer is his favorite. I have a history of love for Gov. Schweitzer.

What I hate about the traditional media

Taegan Goodard writes:
Sen. John McCain's inability to tell a reporter how many home he owns became a major issue in the campaign last night, with segments on all three network news programs.

Chris Cilliza nails why it matters: "In politics, there is nothing worse than appearing out of touch."
In my perfect world, John McCain actually being out of touch, say with a ridiculous tax plan, would be what really mattered.

Obama's VP

How funny would it be if this were actually true?

Get out of Gaffe Free

Someone found McCain's "Get out of Gaffe Free" Card: