Friday, August 15, 2008


I am feeling rather sad reading over this old thread describing the hope we all felt when John Kerry picked John Edwards as his running mate... How things change.

Howard Dean speaks the truth

The Democratic party is the party of minority groups. The GOP is the party of rich people and people with "racial resentment."

Song of the Day

Interesting combination of "It came upon a Midnight Clear" and "One Tin Soldier" sung by Cher (with a Sonny cameo):

Preach on

It's about time someone brought up McCain's lack of character, especially with regard to his treatment of women:
"Well, I don't know a lot about John McCain's family history, I do know, however, that as recently as last week I think it was, the Senator made a comment in South Dakota regarding his wife entering some Buffalo Chips contest which is this topless deal and if she were to enter she would probably win it and my personal opinion and based on my understanding of the Christian faith, that's not not, N-O-T, not the type of expression that a presidential candidate, or anyone for that matter who is a follower of the Christian faith, ought to make," said the Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell. "I don't know if that is a perfect case in point, but it surely does help to juxtapose the DNA of Senator Obama, if you would, versus the DNA of Senator McCain."
The Rev. Caldwell then goes on to refer to McCain's documented history of adultery. I think leaving your crippled wife for a younger heiress does say a little something about your character.

I would be okay with this

The AP:
Ryan Lochte tried to pull off a daunting double, going against Phelps just 29 minutes after winning the 200 backstroke. He couldn't keep up, though he did hold on for bronze. Laszlo Cseh of Hungary picked up his third silver of the games - all of them trailing Phelps.

"It's not a shame," Cseh said, "to be beaten by a better one."
I would tell my grandchildren about it with pride. "I was second only to the greatest Olympian!"

David Shuster sizzles

Via Rumproast, David Shuster lays the smack down on the PUMA crowd:

It's a delicious 11 minutes of pure awesomeness.

Great headline

A great headline from Jake Tapper (who is basically my favorite traditional media blogger):
President McCain Sends Secretary of State Lieberman and Defense Secretary Graham to Tbilisi

Veterans are not a McCain group

The Chicago Tribune editorializes about the upcoming speeches of Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain before war veterans:
The last Orlando assembly, Obama's crowd. This one may be more McCain's.
No, it's still Sen. Obama's crowd, because he supported the new GI Bill, increased funding for the VA and well, the troops just like him better.

Economic Disaster

Isn't that exactly what we are already facing due to George W. Bush's failed policies? I think the new attack ad from John McCain misses the big picture that people are already hurting.

John McCain

A noun, a verb, a POW story:

Speaking to Walter Isaacson at the Aspen Institute in Colorado on Thursday, McCain found himself explaining a recent interview with Blender Magazine in which he selected ABBA’s 1976 track “Dancing Queen” as his favorite song.

“What were you thinking?,” Isaacson asked him, looking incredulous.

“If there is anything I am lacking in, I’ve got to tell you, it is taste in music and art and other great things in life,” McCain joked. “I’ve got to say that a lot of my taste in music stopped about the time I impacted a surface-to-air missile with my own airplane and never caught up again.”

Thank you Sen. Biden.

Bob Johnson

You can try to buy forgiveness with your money, I'll never forget this gem:
And to me, as an African-American, I am frankly insulted that the Obama campaign would imply that we are so stupid that we would think Hillary and Bill Clinton, who have been deeply and emotionally involved in black issues since Barack Obama was doing something in the neighborhood –­ and I won’t say what he was doing, but he said it in the book –­ when they have been involved.